It’s Talk Like A Physicist Day!

Happy 3/14. 🙂


Q: Why don’t physicists like to eat at italian restaurants?

A: They are afraid that the Pasta and Anti-Pasta will come into contact at the restaurant and the solar system, as we know it, will be destroyed.


So I didn’t realize until much later that today was “Talk Like A Physicist Day” because it’s 3/14. Y’know, pi, 3.14. So, I don’t know if I’m a dork for not realizing it sooner, or would I be MORE of a dork if I had noticed right away?

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Well that didn’t last too long

Although I don’t know if I can really consider the silence as being over.

His mom emailed him last night stating – declaring – that they have presents for my son and that she would be over the Friday before Christmas to pick him up at 8am and drop him off at 6:30pm because her husband has work that day and wouldn’t be home until later. So, a couple problems with this email.

  1. We were told not to contact her, due to her “heart condition”. What are we supposed to do when she contacts us?
  2. Their last email to us said we’ve always been rude to them. All year long. Oh I’m sorry, except during “holidays and birthdays”. It also stated that our relationship would be “formal” from now on, with the rest of the email implying having only a landlord-tenant relationship. Why in the world would I possibly leave my child alone with people with whom I have that type of relationship?
  3. Their last email ended with “WE WILL BOTH MISS TIMMY VERY MUCH.” (I quote the all caps. And that was before the “don’t bother responding to this email, we won’t read it”. But, I digress.) Doesn’t that imply that they already realize they won’t see him anymore? Did they think we would forget?
  4. This email was, at the very least, definitely a surprise. His mom told us back in OCTOBER that they wouldn’t be getting any Christmas presents for Timmy this year because they didn’t “have time”. It was a big enough deal that it had to be mentioned in OCTOBER. Again, how can I possibly leave my son alone with people who are so unpredictable?
  5. They must realize that there is no way they could possibly have a relationship with our son without having a relationship with his parents. Then again, maybe they don’t. Whatever they may think, there is absolutely no way I will let them maintain a relationship with my son without having one with his parents. We’re a package. It’s all or nothing.
  6. Her tone was completely presumptuous. Although she did mention to suggest another time, if her proposed time was “inconvenient” for us. As if we would think it’s ok in the first place. Wow.

So yeah. 6 reasons I’m corn-fused (to quote Wayne). I’ve left it up to Tony, so it’s all in his hands now. It’s unfortunate that he’s still so angry. It takes a lot to make him mad, but it’s hard to get back in his good graces once you’re out. *sigh* I’m supportive of whatever he may decide to do – the only thing I feel strongly about is not allowing his parents to be alone with Timmy ever again. Whether Timmy has a relationship with his father’s parents or not doesn’t really matter to me. Timmy’s still young enough where it won’t matter much. Which is unfortunate for them.

Tony was listening to his voicemails tonight and the last one was from his dad, asking if the message they accidentally deleted was from him, and if he had received “Sule’s email”. He was hesitant and it seemed very difficult for him to leave the voicemail. Tony thought it sounded like he was trying not to sound angry. I thought it might have been because he was upset (in a sad way) over the situation. I can hope that they don’t truly hate us, right? Oh well.

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The Silence begins again

Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

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How Well Do You Know Him?

[Survey borrowed from Debbie]

His middle name?
Andrews – used to be Gene.

His Birthday?
9.19 (We’re both anal Virgos)

His nationality/ethinicity?
Mom’s Taiwanese, Dad’s white – 1/2 Irish and … British.

How long have you been together?
Our 5 year wedding anniversary was on 8/3, our 9 year “dating anniversary” was on 8/14.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
a month or 2. (oh the scandal!) 😛

What physical feature attracted you to him first?
his smile, and the fact that he was tall. heehee.

What about him made you stay?
how well he complements me (his patience vs. my non-patience, primarily), and how alike we are in the way we think – most of the time. 😛

Hair color?

How did you meet?
summer chinese class @ ucsd.


How serious is it?

Are you “in love”?
we’re beyond that.

Do your parents like him?
yup. more than me sometimes.

Does it matter?
of course.

Do you trust him?
enough to have kids with him.

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep with?
i don’t need a shirt when i have the source every night.

Can you picture having kids with him?
already have one with another on the way.

Does he have a temper?

Are you happy to be with him?
i feel extremely blessed.

Do his parents like you?
they like me well enough.


Does he have any tattoos?
yes. on his wrist.

What does his tattoos say?
卍 (Before you freak and call him a Nazi, read about it here.)

Does he have any piercings?
yes. one on each ear (altho one has closed).

Is he a party dude or stay at home kind of guy?
stay at home, definitely.

Is he outgoing or shy?
not shy, but not totally outgoing.

Would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?
yup, if he’s not too tired.

Does he sing?

Does he snore?
yes, but it’s only bad when he’s sick.

Do you like his friends?

What’s his favorite color?

His favorite food?
anything hot and spicy.

His most used phrase?
“i’m tired.” 😛

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07.15.06 ride: Hernandez’s Hideaway

So, this past weekend, instead of going on that steel-butt 160 mile ride, we went out to Hernandez’s Hideaway on Saturday morning.

Hernandez's Hideaway

The battery on the R1 had died, so we only had the Ninja. I rode it first, followed by Tony, Anny, Joyce and Timothy in the car. We went to BuyMoto to meet up with other people who were going, then headed back up North. Since I was the least experienced rider, I was in the middle so that I helped set the pace. Del Dios Hwy was sooooooooo much fun. It’s a 2 lane road, separated by solid double yellow the whole way. Long straightaway, big sweeping turns, it was a nice easy ride. Speed limit averaged 60MPH. On the way there the speedometer on the Ninja broke so I didn’t know how fast we were going, but Jae (group leader) said we were going around the speed limit. Anyway, despite the heat, it was great fun. I can’t wait to go on a group ride again! =)

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What do you think?

2006 Suzuki GSX-R 600

Should I get it?

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(Possible) Group Ride Sunday: TeleMobile

So the forum I frequent is organizing a NEWBIE ride for this Sunday. Everyone’s meeting at Telegraph Canyon Road in Chula Vista, over to highway 94 to S1, up Sunrise highway to Julian (and pie!), and back down through Ramona. Here’s what the ride would be like for me, leaving from my house to head south to meet up with everyone, then back home:


Kinda crazy, huh? I mapped it out using Gmaps Pedometer and it came out to 160 miles. They said it’d take 3-4 hours. Man, that sounds freakin’ long, but it sounds like it would be such a blast. =) Since it’s such a long ride, I was a little wary about being too slow and falling behind, but I was assured that we’d take frequent breaks and the group stays together. Besides, it’s meant for n00bs like me! Hehe! I went to a ladies night – sushi last Sunday (also organized on the forum) and met a bunch of other girls that also ride and are on the forum, and everyone was so awesome. Hopefully the guys are the same, hehe. The only downside is that we’d have to leave Timothy with someone for most of the day, probably Tony’s parents. I know they wouldn’t mind, but I always feel slightly guilty whenever I’m not spending time with him that I could be, since I work so much already. But how often does a group ride for newbies come along??? I can’t wait til Timothy’s old enough to be able to go with us. =)

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